Tips on keeping your house clean

If you are someone who wants a clean house but don’t have much time to do the house chores, then here are few tips that will help you:

Don’t keep the work piling

The first thing is not to procrastinate your work. So as soon as you wake up you need to make your bed. This is because you could get busy afterwards and your room will look untidy. Also as soon as you have your morning cup of tea or coffee make sure you wash the cups. This is because unwashed cups can attract a lot of ants which will make the work even difficult. If you have a washing machine then put your clothes to wash every day or every other day, this barely takes any time. If you don’t have one, then you could wash all your clothes on a weekend. However, this means you will have a lot of clothes to wash which will take up your time.

Everyday counts

Make sure you place your shoes properly on a shoe rack instead of keeping them on floor. This is because if you keep leaving your things all over the house then the work just adds up. So take up few minutes of time while undressing and make sure you place all the things to their right place. For example hang your belts in the hanger and girls should remove all their accessories and place them in the jewellery box. These small things can make your house look much more organized and clean.

Keep a day free

If you need your house to be clean then you need to keep a day off and clean the whole house. If you work on weekdays then take some time off your weekend and spend it cleaning your house. This would include dusting, vacuuming and washing the toilets. If you haven’t done the laundry then make sure you do it as well. You could organize things in such a way that it doesn’t get messy. You could also make cooking easy by keeping your vegetables all cut so your kitchen gets less messy during a busy week. If you have a partner then you could split the work for example one person could look into the house cleaning and the other could organize the food for the week. If you don’t have any help, then you could hire someone from the agency but this can be a little pricey.

Lastly, you should save up some money to invest on things which can make your house look clean for example you could buy dishwasher so you don’t have unwashed dishes lying in the sick and you could buy washing machine which will ensure your laundry is done regularly.

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