Can simple cosmetic changes add value to your property

The very first thing a potential buyer will look at when approaching your home is the exteriors, so of course, it’s extremely important to have an appealing outside just as much as it’s important to have a beautiful interior. Properties that are not well maintained on the outside automatically lower the chances of reaching the desired sales price for the vendor. Following the exterior, if you really want to blow away any potential buyers you must get your interior right.


Why should homeowners and sellers invest in landscaping for their home?

Landscaping is an investment in your property and can increase your properties value by tens of thousands of dollars. As a result, new features will impact the value once it is finished. If you think about it; plants and trees get more robust and mature as time rolls on consequently increasing the value over time as well.  According to the Global Garden Report , the garden is very related to the overall appeal of the house. Beautiful and attractive gardens have the ability to influence a buyers first perception of a property. We have all heard the story about only having the first few seconds before people judge in interviews.  In this case, it’s the same for your home. First impressions matter so don’t overlook the importance of your garden and landscaping.


Why Installing Shutters and Outdoor Blinds is a smart choice.

For example, when you carefully design outdoor blinds and shutters in Adelaide to match the decor. Generally, it always enhances the overall aesthetics of the property. As a result, by installing high-quality shutters to each room you can give a modern and luxurious feel. The conventional upside is lowering power bills by keeping your home cool throughout the summer months. Also, Australian Property groups have conducted studies which have shown the professionally fitted Adelaide outdoor blinds can reduce heat gain by up to 35%. To summarise, not only do they make your home look more appealing to the potential buyer but also much more pleasant to reside in when it’s hot. Going back to preoptic 101; your house is only as valuable as much as someone is willing to pay.


Final paint touch ups that can make the world of difference.

Often there are only a few angles to which your house is being positioned in order to sell. Some agents will be describing your property as the renovator’s dream. Implying that there is huge potential to sand everything back or knock down walls to recreate the look and feel of the property. The other and arguably the most common sort after properties are turn key. Meaning all the work is virtually complete and it’s a matter of simply moving your furniture in. The area you want to avoid the most is right in the middle and often this simply comes back to the final finish of the property. A fresh coat of paint could possibly be all you need to give your home a clean, new and potentially brighter feel to your interior and exterior.

Make your property appealing.

To summarise, make your property appealing in your ultimate outcome because as mentioned earlier your home price is going to be ultimately decided by what people are willing to pay. For more information on what else is important; check out the video below for more tips and tricks.

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