Earlier this year in autumn we had the crew from Home Beautiful come to the house to take photos for a feature which has recently hit stands. It is a wonderful spread, over 12 pages, with lots of gorgeous images of the house by photographer Chris Warnes and a great article written to accompany. It’s a lovely keepsake of how we have transformed this house.

Some of the interior colours in the printing haven’t come out very accurately and don’t show the house as it really is in person. In my experience as a former magazine stylist I found blues and greens often seemed challenging to reproduce accurately, particularly the subtle nuances of colour, tone and texture. It’s a good example of why we shouldn’t ever rely on magazines, brochures and printed pages to pick paint and fabric colours because they are often not the same.

I have take some photos of the spread for those of you who don’t live in here or haven’t seen it, am also including some images I took at home, and also showing another few rooms which weren’t included in the article.

IMG_7666 IMG_7667 IMG_7668 IMG_7669 IMG_7670 IMG_7671


IMG_6466 IMG_4236






IMG_6243 IMG_4353 IMG_4357IMG_7391IMG_6559 IMG_6389 IMG_6393IMG_6484 IMG_6489IMG_7300IMG_7303IMG_4246 IMG_4254 IMG_4265

Have a wonderful weekend!

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