Our house featured in Home Beautiful May 2014


It’s been a long wait, but the photo shoot that took place at our house last year has finally come out in the latest issue of Home Beautiful magazine, May 2014. There are 13 pages in total and I am really delighted with the result. The photography by Chris Warnes (who was in fact our neighbour at the time), styling by Stephanie Powell and article by Katrina O’Brien all combine to create a lovely article and memento of that wonderful house I miss very much. I was very flattered by the glowing words and appreciative of the opportunity to promote the blog and my business. I’ve had so many enquires and requests for my design services since, but am taking a break from work until later in the year.

I’m afraid I could only upload a very low res version of the article, which took about 4 hrs as it was, so please excuse the poor quality.

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Photos courtesy Home Beautiful Magazine. Photography by Chris Warnes, Styling by Stephanie Powell, words by Katrina O’Brien.

Now for an update on my internet woes – I’m afraid to report they still continue and with no end in sight. Hard to believe in this day and age, but not much I can do about it. We are working on plans for the new house and renovations, horrified at how much everything is going to cost (they call it the Highlands GST down here!), but I hope to be able to blog again regularly, even if it’s sitting in a cafe in town with a laptop hitched to somebody’s Wifi. I am enjoying time down from work though, busier than ever though and loving the Highlands.

I’m off to the Gold Coast this weekend for a university 25 year reunion – where does the time go? Can’t help but be a little bit excited about a few days away on my own, with uninterrupted shopping and dining, oh and being able to have a shower and go to the loo without an audience of three…..not that I won’t miss my family terribly :) .

We are about to submit our renovation plans to council so hopefully can get underway in the next few months, although I am having some major struggles making the kitchen work within the space, so spending a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find solutions and inspiration. Not that it’s an onerous task spending hours on Pinterest….


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