What is Georgica Pond?

georgicapondThe name Georgica Pond comes from a beautiful place in the Hamptons I visited about 10 years ago on a trip I took to the US East Coast, and I have had a love affair with everything about this place ever since. It is a coveted neighbourhood, nestled between the charming villages of East Hampton and Bridgehampton, and near the town of Wainscott in Suffolk County about 160km from Manhattan.

Georgica Pond itself is a 290 acre picturesque coastal lagoon facing the Atlantic Ocean and features some of the most expensive and breathtaking estates in the world nestled down quiet country lanes. It is separated from the white sandy beach by a sandbar and is replenished by the nearby blue ocean waters, yet enjoys a peaceful and relaxed country ambience.

During my trip to the Hamptons I hired a car and spent days driving slowly around the villages and lanes, lingering sneakily outside beautiful homes and historic buildings, taking photos and admiring the bucolic beauty of its surrounds. The gorgeous shingled houses, the weatherboards, the crisp white painted fences, rolling manicured lawns, pristine landscaped gardens, colourful American flags, sweeping driveways, expansive verandahs and the hints of home decorating, that I could catch from the front gate, just captivated me.


I soon discovered that the pond was home to the likes of Steven Spielberg, Calvin Klein, the Clintons, the Lauders, Billy Joel, the Seinfelds and Martha Stewart, all of whom had palatial holiday homes in the picturesque villages of this highly desirable area. Of course, there are many other beautiful ponds in the Hamptons such as Mill Pond, Lily Pond, Sagaponak Pond and Wainscott Pond to name a few, but Georgica Pond was such a pretty and unique name, that I couldn’t pass it up.

When it came time to naming my blog, Georgica Pond seemed to encapsulate all I wanted the blog to represent. That is chic coastal living, an easy relaxed lifestyle, with hints of the beach and ocean, the outdoors, touches of blue and white, comfortable textures and welcoming but stylish decorating – not forgetting an inspirational and aspirational ideal. I wanted the blog to be the go-to place for all things classic American in style, not just Hamptons, but something that reflected the aesthetic of traditional, classic style as seen all over the US. Something that is evident in its architecture, interior design, decorating, landscaping, colour, pattern and lifestyle.

My husband however did warn me that it sounded a lot like somebody’s name and that people would call me Georgica Pond. I scoffed at this ridiculous suggestion and went ahead anyway. But he was right, and I have been called Georgica by more people than I can remember! In fact, I got so fed up with it I wrote a post about it a while ago called “Stop calling me Georgica!” . It didn’t work, and I still get called Georgica at least once a week, so I may change it sometime. The jury’s still out.


 ”Classic American style for Australian homes”