It’s been a long time between posts and I am feeling increasingly frustrated by my lack of internet access, although secretly I am quite enjoying my imposed exile from social media and a little down time to focus on the family and getting settled in the Highlands. Despite my initial sadness and reluctance about leaving Sydney, I know we made the right decision and I’m loving it. I am missing my beautiful freshly renovated house, with all the mod cons and that beautiful kitchen, but this place will catch up eventually.

My battle with Telstra and attempts to get ADSL connect continue to rage, despite having been through the complaints department and the Ombudsman. I have been waiting for a port to become available at the exchange…..but today I am told that there are ports, but now it’s an issue of the antiquated cabling into our house that won’t take ADSL that is the issue. So it’s mobile broadband or naught. I do have access on my phone and iPad, but the reception is slow and tedious and I find trying to type anything other than one line intensely infuriating. So I’m afraid things will be a little quiet around here for the time being. My Instagram feed is a bit hit and miss too, as is Facebook, so it’s really like being in the middle of nowhere. But if you’d like to keep in touch with what’s happening then Facebook and IG are the way to go.

We had a marvelous holiday in Noosa. We always do. It’s one of my favourite places to go in the world, particularly for a family holiday. There is always something fun to do with the kids, fabulous restaurants, lovely beaches, the weather is great, there’s the sea and the river, plenty of activities for all and it has a nice, cosmopolitan feel about it. I always feel relaxed and at ease at Noosa which can be hard to do on holiday with three young kids, but Noosa is geared to families so it helps take the pressure off. I would happily holiday there instead of overseas for the next few years as it’s just an easy holiday with young kids.

  IMG_2403This is where we stay, Las Rias at the end of Quamby Place. My uncle has owned a unit here for 25 years so it’s been a wonderful place to enjoy family holidays since we were teenagers. It has an amazing view across the sound and up the Noosa River. I think it’s one of the best locations in Noosa.IMG_2411 IMG_2384

IMG_2365Las Rias has its own private beach on the river which is a great advantage with young kids. We usually head up to Hastings St in the morning and spend time on  Main Beach, then retreat home for lunch and spend the afternoon in the pool and with the kids mucking around on the river. It’s great for watersports, boating, fishing and all the things that keep little and big people happy.




IMG_2364 The view from our balcony is magical, and different at every time of day, so it’s always interesting and varied.


I could sit on that balcony all day and watch the sun rise and set, never getting bored of it, watching the activity on the river. From early morning to evening, through sunshine and rain, it’s breathtaking. That’s Mt Cooroy in the background.




IMG_1093     IMG_1140

IMG_1138   IMG_1129We hired a boat on a couple of occasions and went for a few day trips around the river and canals, checking out all the gorgeous houses, then stopping for a play and swim on the sandbar, while the boys did a spot of fishing. The water was as clear and turquoise as I’ve seen anywhere, just beautiful and as warm as a bath.






IMG_1185 IMG_1186I always find it odd that for all the years we have been coming up here and doing little boat trips around the river to check out the houses, it never ceases to amaze me how many of these homes never have anybody in them. It’s the peak season, best time of year, and yet half of them are always locked up. Seems such a waste.IMG_1188 I love pottering around on boats, it’s one of my absolute favourite things to do. So I just love being out on the water exploring the waterways. Best way to pass a few hours with kids too.

  IMG_1148 IMG_2493

IMG_1159Mornings are generally spent on Main Beach, after a quick coffee on Hastings St. I can’t make it through the morning without one, given the sun is up at about 4am in Qld and the kids are awake by 5am. So you’re usually on the beach well before 7am, and it makes for a rather long day.


The surf was quite rough for the first few days, big waves and rips, quite dumpy and dangerous. But the kids loved it and it was great for boarding.

IMG_1178Given this post took me about 8 hours to write and upload the photos, including a few false starts and then it published a draft copy (sorry if you got that by accident), and God only knows how much this will cost on my mobile bill, I’ll post the rest of the trip on another occasion, when I have time to recover from this mammoth effort!


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3 Responses to Our Summer Holiday Pt 1

  1. robin grunzweig says:

    just wanted you to know that this post made it to the USA (sorry for the cost! lol)… i found your blog and was so happy to see a connection to australia… we were in australia (sydney, the CBD! smack downtown) for several months last year, thanks to hubby’s work.. i fell in love with australia… want to come back some day… and if i ever need a new country to live in, australia wins! i love looking at the pictures and the golden sunrises and sunsets are indeed spectacular (i think most of my pics are pics of sunrises/sunsets!)… oh, and the food… sigh, some of the best food ever! good luck with your internet; i hope you win soon….

  2. Susan says:

    Thank you for all of the wonderful photos of your holiday. I appreciate all of your hard work on getting this post up!

  3. How funny, my parents best friends managed Las Rias for about 10 years. They sold the managment rights about 10 years ago I know it so well. Rosemary still says its the best block of units in Noosa.

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