Welcome to the new home of GEORGICA POND! It’s been a long time coming and boy was it a lot of work. I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the result, and can’t speak highly enough of Eric from Nella Creative who produced the website and blog with me. He was a dream to work with in every respect and I highly recommend his services. Dare I say it, this was actually fun! Although I’ve lost track of the number of Skype hours we’ve clocked up.

We really tried to maintain the look and feel of the original GP blog, by keeping the geometric background, font and banner and of course that beautiful GP blue. I think we’ve stayed true to the essence of GP. I know there can be some resistance to changes in blogs and moves from Blogger to WP, but I’m hoping you will find the improvements are just that, an improvement, providing much greater functionality, more user friendly options, fabulous features, better access to information and photos and endless opportunities for inspiration.

Apart from the work building the new blog in WordPress and the new website, it was a gargantuan task bringing over all the old posts from Blogger and making them work without losing any material. I am working through each one to improve the categories and tags, and make it easier to find the information you’re after. I don’t know how Eric managed that without losing posts, photos or formatting. But I wanted to make sure this was your go-to site providing a comprehensive catalogue of helpful information, ideas and advice plus lots of inspiration. So I’m hoping you will find the site easy to navigate.

There are two components to the new look website. Firstly, the WEBSITE itself – www.georgicapond.com.au. This is home to Georgica Pond Interiors. Below is a screenshot of the homepage. The gallery of photos is on rotation, so we have created a dynamic and exciting home page which changes as you linger.

Website home page

If you browse through the nav menu at the top you will see ABOUT, PORTFOLIO, SERVICES, BLOG, ADVERTISE/PR AND CONTACT. See the screenshot below. This is the best way to navigate around the site. All these have drop down menus with further options to select. You can also access the BLOG from here, the blog roll and the exciting new blog wall.

Menu bar

There is an ABOUT section, where you can read a bit more about me. Plus I explain the origins of  Georgica Pond for those who still think it’s my name!

About me page

There’s a comprehensive FAQ section where I provide all the information and details about our house renovation you could possibly want to know, including all the suppliers, paint colours and my personal experiences with the build. I hope I’ve covered everything you can think of to ask.

FAQ pageThere is an expansive Portfolio section, where you can tour our house room by room. You will notice the little “P” on each photo which enables you to PIN it directly to Pinterest.

Portfolio page

There is a Services section where you can find out more about the Design Services I will be offering, Product Sourcing and supplying of designer fabrics and wallpapers etc. I’m still working my way around this and trying to figure out the extent of these services. It’s very much a work in progress, so please be patient. I have had so many requests for my services and help, and I really want to be able to provide you with the assistance you need.

I’m not sure how it’s is all going to work to be honest, combining all this with the blog and the demands of a young family, but you’ve asked for it, so I’m delivering! You have also been asking about the online shop I’ve been talking about for ages, and as much as I’m keen to do one, it’s simply a matter of priorities. I will get to that eventually I promise!

Design services page

There’s a few more functions and pages I haven’t mentioned, so I’ll leave it to you to have a poke around and familiarise yourselves with the site.

Then there’s the BLOG. The new address for the blog is now www.georgicapond.com.au/blog. So the old blogspot address is no longer current. It will remain there as a lasting and sentimental testament to my first memorable two years as a blogger, but will not be updated and the old blogger address will redirect to this one. You can now search all the old posts on the new blog.

Blog home page

You can tell you’re on the blog page because of this groovy film strip that runs across the top of the page. This has the featured thumbnail photo for the last 50 posts, and is on rotation. So you can jump to any of these recent posts from this spot as well as searching many other ways.

BLog Film strip

On the sidebar, you can find all the social media buttons and options for subscribing, plus ways to search through the archives by date or category.

Blog side bar 1

You will find my Instagram feed on the sidebar, along with all my latest Pinterest pins and the lastest from my Facebook page as well. You can access and join all the social media platforms from here as well as the icons at the top.
Blog side bar 3

After each post you have the option to comment using your Facebook account or just the usual WP comment section. The FB option means your comment will appear on your FB wall and is a great way of spreading the word. If you don’t have a FB account just comment in the usual way. You can also share the posts on social media here.

Blog comments

At the bottom of each post you will also find all the previous posts, in a fabulous new feature called Recently on Georgica Pond (Eric was thrilled with this bit!). You can see all the posts featured in this amazing cascading tile effect. I haven’t seen this on a blog before. You can just scroll down the page to easily locate the post you are after, or find something that appeals. This is just another way of easily accessing information.

BLog tile page

And you can see that it’s easy to PIN photos from the blog or website because every photo features the Georgica Pond “P”. If you click this it will enable you to post the photo directly to your Pinterest board.

Pinterest pin

We have programmed Feedburner to redirect all the RSS and mail subscriptions, but can I suggest you re-subscribe just to make sure, either by email or RSS Feed. This will ensure you don’t miss out on anything. You will also need to update the address if you have bookmarked GP.

I hope you like the new and improved Georgica Pond home. It’s been a labour of love, but one that I’m very happy with and I hope you enjoy it. There will no doubt be some teething problems and I am yet to master this complex but incredible beast called WordPress, but I think once I get the hang of it, the world’s our oyster! If there are any hiccups or problems you come across please let me know so we can iron them out asap. Eric is a master at solving these problems and has the patience of a saint!

Georgica Pond Blog turned 2 on May 2, a date I sadly neglected to notice or celebrate, but I think it’s timely that shortly after the second anniversary of the start of this blog, I am now entering the next new and exciting phase. I hope you’ll stick around for the next part of the journey.

And in the words of Martha – it’s a good thing!






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16 Responses to Welcome to the new home of Georgica Pond

  1. Mel! This is fantastic! I’m off to work and will be back to take a closer look. Everything looks amazing. Your web designer did an excellent job. Cheers!

  2. Monica says:

    Looks….Amazing!!! and you certainly delivered on what your readers wanted to know. I am a fan of your blog and instagram. I really like the paint feature so many times on blogs you always wonder what name color is on the walls, doors or molding. I also enjoy is your DIY projects they look store bought fabulous and not too crafty!!! Congratulations on your new Blog!

  3. LynneG says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Even more inspirational than before…if that is possible! Congratulations!

  4. Looks fabulous.. I love it.. stunning

  5. WOW!!!!!!!! This is spectacular!! I can see this did not happen overnight and was a long term project. A lot of work, sweat and hopefully happy tears went into this:) It looks magnificent!! When you do something you do it right and it shows. I cannot wait to go and explore…congratulations Mel!

  6. Congrats…it looks fantastic…love the new format……

  7. Hi Melinda, Popping over on the urging of Tina from Enchanted Home and loving what I see. Congrats on a beautiful blog. Love all the beautiful blue.

  8. Carol Preston says:

    Hello Georgica! Just wanted to let you know that you have a new follower…me! Sent to you by Tina from The Enchanted Home. I look forward to reading your beautiful blog! Carol P.

  9. Bron says:

    congratulations Mel. Your original blog was terrific, this new venture will be even better.

  10. Mum E says:

    Congratulations! You must be thrilled with the result! Your blog has inspired me to start blogging about my own journey of renovating our Queenslander in Brisbane. In fact, I’ve given you a shout-out in my first post. Check it out if you have time at http://www.familyhomeblog.blogspot.com. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your style and knowledge. I wish you every success with your new site!

  11. KATHYSUE says:

    Mel, this looks fabulous and so professional! Good luck on all your new endeavors!! I gave you a shout out today on my blog post!!
    xo Kathysue

  12. How exciting Mel. It looks absolutely fabulous you clever chick you! 🙂 xx

  13. The new blog looks great Mel! Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!

    p.s. I just tried to reply to your email and I got a failure to send notice several times. I then emailed someone else and that email went through??

  14. All looking terrific…very elegant…

  15. Catherine says:


    Congratulations on the new site… it is just gorgeous… just like everything you post… what wonderful taste you have!

    Thanks for sharing.


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