So I’m getting through each room slowly but surely. Who knows, by the end of the year you may have seen the whole house!
Best laid plans go out the window on a daily basis at the moment, and just when I think I’m on track and getting through things, the baby decides not to sleep for several hours and wants to be carried instead, so the half made cushion, the half finished blog post and half fed children get put on the back burner – and I pour myself another glass of wine!

Poppy’s bedroom started out with this navy spotted wallpaper and dark painted cupboard doors. So we had the painter strip the wallpaper, which was an expensive and time consuming process. I think we would have been better just re-papering over it, because it was a huge hassle stripping it off, then they had to replaster a lot of places because there were big chunks missing and it was uneven. Lesson learned.

The old doors were hollow, flimsy and the door handles too high. So we replaced them with new panelled doors which meant we were able to replace the hardware too, and reposition it in the right place. My husband was against this expense, but again I think it was money well spent. One of those details you don’t notice, but which make a difference to the overall quality perception.
We also replaced all the skirtings, (got rid of those horrid bullnose skirtings) and the architraves, which I replaced to match those downstairs. Again, an expense that wasn’t necessary but worthwhile, so now all those architectural details from the downstairs and upstairs match, and it gives an overall sense of quality and substance that I think is important not just for us living there, but for prospective buyers in the future.
TIP – I think the bigger the better for timber details like that, as it makes a room look more solid, substantial, spacious and gives a more quality finish overall. My husband thought it was a waste of money as nobody would notice, but I know it makes a big difference even if it’s a detail you don’t consciously notice, it impacts the overall look of the space.
When the painters were painting the house I couldn’t decide what colour to paint the room, and although I had found the floral fabric I just couldn’t get a nice pink. They were all too sickly. So with the pressure on I just opted to paint the room Dulux Antique White USA, which I have never used before because I find it a bit too creamy. But for this room it was perfect.

Once the cupboard doors were painted white it made a huge difference too. The room faces east so it gets plenty of lovely morning sunshine and then is protected from the westerly sun in the afternoon, but the light walls keep the room bright all day.

When I was 8 mths pregnant and trying to get the room finished before having the baby (yeah, right!) I decided the room needed a lift, and having been inspired by lots of DIYers on blogs who painted their own stripes, I thought I could save on the expense of wallpaper and do it myself. I found a pretty Taubmans pink which was like a pale shell pink which I matched to the softest pink in the fabric.

My husband went away for a week, and I got busy with the blue tape and paint brush. I thought I would just do one feature wall behind the bed, but it really needed the whole room done, and made such a difference.

Painting the horizontal stripes made the room appear much bigger and more spacious. It was well worth the two days it took and all the prep and fussing involved – and you know how much I hate that!

I made the valance using scraps of leftover fabric used in the roman blind. I bought the pretty polka dot at Bargain Upholstery Fabrics in Seaforth, but they sold out when I went back for more, so had to make do with what I had left. 
See here for the tutorial on making a cheat’s stick-on valance.
The gorgeous apple green scalloped edge Matouk bedspread was one I bought in New York last year at Gracious Home. They have a stunning range of bed linen including their own range, and you can buy online too.

The bedhead fabric is San Lorenzo in Sky by Westbury Textiles. I love that it’s girly and pretty, but not juvenile, so something that will last as she grows up, and while it has all the lovely feminine pastel colours, the background is a gorgeous blue, so it’s not too much pink.
I designed the shape and had the bedhead custom made. I love statement bedheads, but I think you have to be careful they aren’t too tall and end up looking like a tombstone.

All the bed linen bar the white bedspread on the end of the bed, I bought at Gracious Home NY. It’s a combination of Lulu DK, Matouk, Souleiado and the Gracious Home brand.

I just love the scalloped detail on this little boudoir pillow. That’s the kind of thing they do so well in the US, stunningly pretty and well priced bed linen.

The Cath Kidston bunting was my husband’s contribution, which he brought back from the UK after visiting during the Jubilee, where every building was covered in bunting. Luckily it matched!

This is the lampshade I made with some of the leftover fabric. You can see the tutorial here. The pink bobble trim I also bought at Bargain Upholstery Fabrics at Seaforth. They have a great selection of trim, tassels and the like, as well as hundreds of discounted fabrics.

I couldn’t have a room for Poppy and not have some! The white tray I bought at Bed Bath n Table recently. It’s only plastic, so it’s perfect for kids or a bathroom. They also have it in silver which I bought for our bathroom.
The personalised name I had made when we lived in Bowral, through a lovely children’s boutique called Little Steps. It was white, but just disappeared on the white wall, so I painted it pink.

These gorgeous prints I bought recently from Kerri at Driftwood Interiors. She has a store on Etsy and on Down That Little Lane (a fabulous online store selling beautiful, bespoke homewares), where you can buy her beautiful prints. I thought the colours in these interiors paintings were perfect for the room, and again not too childish or twee. I think it’s really hard to find nice artwork for kids’ bedrooms, that isn’t too themey or obvious.

I bought these simple white frames from Target for $30 each yesterday, but the prints were so pretty they demanded something a bit more special. So instead of having them custom framed with a coloured  mat, I added the ribbon trim on the border which I think looks fabulous and now they show up on the wall. I’ll do a tutorial about that later so on.

The bamboo lantern I bought online last year during the renovation from Shades of Light and had it shipped over using My US Shop n Ship. I had it converted here for about $100. I was going to paint it either pink or green, so it pops against the white ceiling, but haven’t had a chance yet.

This cute little dress I bought in Noosa last year. The door knobs are from Recollections.

This little dollshouse bookcase I bought at Treehouse last year. It’s supposed to be hung on a wall, but we don’t have any spare wall space. 

I had one of these made for Charlie first here, so we did the same for Poppy and will have to get one for Amelia. They are a lovely memento board of that very special time.

I made the curtains using leftover fabric from the bedhead. I hardly had any left and didn’t want to buy more, so could only make end panels rather than drawing curtains. But they make such a difference to the room. It looks bigger, the ceiling looks higher and it just feels more substantial and of course cosier. I had never made curtains before, so it was a complete make-it-up-as-I -go-along job.
The curtain rod is from Spotlight. I tied the pink ribbon for a bit of fun and colour. 

The cushion I made last week, again with remnant fabric and will show you the tutorial on that next. I am such a short-cut sewer, and don’t even know how to do piping or zips or anything that doesn’t involve sewing in a straight line. The bobble trim was a great idea from Katie at Fig Interiors, which I glued on!
The pink velvet chair is from Shack. I’m still not sure if I should paint it white as I wonder if the black is a bit grown up for a 3 yr old, but not sure I can bothered with the effort.

Here’s the replacement cedar panelled door – much nicer than the hollow original, with new handles at the proper height. I bought them online and had them delivered.

This pretty personalised jewellery box I ordered from Pottery Barn Kids. Hopefully they will have all that gorgeous customised homewares when they open here next year.

  Here I go again with my covered tissue boxes. See here for a tutorial on how to make them.
 The cross-stitch bedspread folded on the bed  (below) I bought recently at Adairs.

 All images by Melinda Hartwright for Georgica Pond Blog.

There you have it. Hopefully it was worth the wait! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

33 Responses to Poppy’s Bedroom Reveal

  1. Tessa White says:

    It looks fab, 8 months preggas is a fab time to any decorating.. you are on a mission at that stage and nothing stops you!! x

  2. I am in awe. So very lovely.

  3. Stunning! Absolutely love it.

    TDM xxx

  4. I love it all. SO pretty! The bedhead fabric is particularly stunning, I love Westbury, lots in my home too. xx

  5. Well Mel, you have done it again! A simply divine bedroom for the lovely Miss Poppy. I love it all, the stripes,the curtains,the bed, the chair, etc. You are totally right the door makes all the difference. I love Poppy’s chair so much that I may have to get one for my daughters room. I wish my Georgie was small rather than 19. I would have copied this room for her. Now when are you going to start doing interior design for other people, cause I’m first in line as a paying customer. I will give you some breathing space seeing as Miss Amelia is still small, but as soon as you decide to do this as a business let me know! I made the trek to Spotlight today for tissue box covers and I’m off to try my luck..keep your fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing Miss Poppy’s room with us..Love Trace the stalker.

    • Melinda says:

      Thank you so much my favourite stalker – what would I do without your lovely and consistent comments! When I go into interior design, you’ll be my first client for sure!

  6. Designs by M says:

    What a lucky girl! You’ve done a great job – it looks so lovely! Mx

  7. Wow Melinda – you are so talented. it is all beautiful
    cheers Fiona

  8. newbuild says:

    Absolutely stunning! LOVE your attention to detail…I’m inspired:)

  9. I shall hold you to that Mel. You will be pleased to know your tutorial on tissue box holders worked well for me. Made two this afternoon. WooHoo.

  10. All the little details make such a BIG difference. What a beautiful room for a lucky girl. I love the stripes and would like to do a feature wall in white / taupe in our guest room. Your pictures have convinced me that it is a good idea (Hubby having talked me out of it!)! Thanks for sharing Melinda,
    x KL

  11. I love all of it! Fabulous job. I love that “bedhead” fabric! Looking forward to the frame tutorial.

  12. GORGEOUS! I always LOVE your beautiful transformations!

  13. What a beautiful room! Well done.

  14. WHOA! You are amazing…..cannot believe how much you are getting done over there!! When I grow up I want to BE Poppy! Lucky little girl. Seriously the cutest room ever….love every single thing you did, utter perfection!
    Thanks for sharing, belong in a magazine!

  15. Alison says:

    Poppy is a lucky girl! You have done it again Melinda….just beautiful! I love the bedhead, and the pillows….but those stripes on the wall are my favourite! Very clever, and so perfect!

  16. Evelyne says:

    What a gorgeous room – absolutely stunning!! Thanks also for listing all your resources.

  17. SusieQ25 says:

    Absolutely fab. Love the bed head fabric, also the spots and the bobbles.

  18. Viera says:

    She is one lucky girl. Mel you did a fantastic job.

  19. So, so cute! You did a fabulous job. She must love it!

  20. Such a delightful room for a little girl! I love your fabric choice for the bed head, and that lantern is to die for!! Well done on convincing hubby that you need to upgrade the skirting boards… makes such a difference to a room :-)

  21. Positively Beautiful! Fabulous in every way Melinda! I so Love that bedhead…I’m so inspired,thanks for sharing your gorgeous talent…it’s so very pretty. Have a lovely day xx

  22. Absolutely Gorgeous Mel! Your super talented work, and your stunning site, are so inspiring! I could be lost in bliss on your site for days. And I agree, i’d be sending this into a magazine!
    Lis xox

  23. WOW!!! So gorgeous. I love the color scheme …so pretty with the stripes and pink and green…darling Bergere chair and artwork. Lucky Poppy!

  24. Fiona says:

    Such a beautiful room. Can I be your second client once you start your interior design business 😉 ? Thanks for sharing this on here along with all your helpful tips. Fx

  25. Sharnel says:

    Gorgeous room Melinda, I’m sure Poppy will love growing up here.

  26. Helen Dean says:

    Absolutely stunning! Well done. Do you mind me asking what width you did the painted stripes?

  27. Karen says:

    This is about the most precious little girl’s room I have ever seen. So well done….congratulations!

  28. One word.. stunning!

    Well done!

    XO Linda

  29. Another ‘wow’ room Melinda! Just gorgeous! I have those prints from Kerri at Driftwood Interiors and I love the ribbon framing you’ve done – I can’t wait to see your tutorial on that. Speaking of which I’m just about to tackle one of your ideas – adding ribbon to a lampshade. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work – so inspirational! Ange

  30. What a difference, it’s such a pretty room now! You’ve done a beautiful job with that space, lovely details! I’ve got this linked to my children’s rooms post too today, for inspiration!

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